About Us

Who We Are

Trooper’s was established in 1984 by Trooper Teipel, just down the hill from our current location on Emery Highway. As business grew, we moved to the current location in the 1990s. As times have change and standards grew higher, we invested, and continued to invest, in the best equipment in the business. With over¬†30 years in business, the team at Trooper’s know how to fix your car right and get you back on the road. From start to finish, we are here to help you and answer your questions.

Our Mission

We at Trooper’s Collision are here to serve our customers. We work to make sure that you are taken care of and your car is back on the road as soon as possible. If need be, we will fight for you and the integrity of your car. We hope that you never have to contact us, but if you are in a wreck, we hope you choose us to help.

What We Do

After our initial estimate, we work with the insurance company adjusters to make sure that everything is correct and that all damage is accounted for, seen and unseen. Our certified auto body techs look for additional damage, alerting adjusters to anything that is found. From this, we prefer to use original manufacturer to repair your vehicle. We will use aftermarket parts if you approve, though we do not recommend this.

Next, we prep your car for paint. We use high quality paint, blended to match perfectly. Our goal is to match it so you won’t even see where it was damaged – from any angle, in any lighting. Our paint work also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Once paint hardens and inspected for quality, it is moved to the detail shop where it is sanded, buffed, and detailed inside and out. This is the final inspection, and at this point you will be contacted for pick up.


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