Antique Restoration

Trivia: What is Trooper’s favorite type of car?

If you guess anything but Ford or Mustang, you were way off. His first car was a blue 1965 Ford Mustang. He loves working on old cars, even non-Mustang varieties. If you are working on a restoration project and need a little help contact Trooper and see if there is any space available. We would love to get your car shining nicely. We hope to have pictures of finished projects soon!

Previous Projects

Below are some of the types of cars we have restored:

  • Ford Mustangs (1965-1990s)
  • 1960s Mustang Shelby
  • Volkswagon Beetle
  • 1950s Corvette
  • 1970s Chevelle
  • 1930s Ford Model A coupe
  • 1950s Thunderbird